Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling

I once knew someone who had been acting as an unlicensed marriage, family, and child therapist for many years. Then diploma mills and “life experience” accreditation became big deals, and this person decided to try to turn her years of acting as a therapist into some kind of degree. A couple of issues stood in her way: She was not a writer, and didn’t even own a typewriter (let along a then-new tool, a computer with a word processor).

So, I wrote her papers for her, using the SpellBinder word-processing program on my dual-floppy Victor 9000 MS-DOS computer. The “college” supplied a framework of topics that needed to be covered to satisfy their requirements. For four of these topics, she wanted to focus on narrower aspects of the general topic.

In the intervening years, some of the content may have wandered off, and some of the formatting lost as the text moved from Spellbinder to Microsoft Word to FrameMaker to HTML. This is what is left.